During IoT Forum, held in October 2019, we discussed what should be considered as smart privacy in smart cities.

Basic steps for accomplishing smart privacy:

  1. Data protection impact assessment – carrying out data protection impact/risk assessment (e.g. for smart cameras and smart meters).
  2. Privacy by design – implementing privacy and data protection from very beginning of a project or a product (e.g. designation of a data protection officer, encryption, opt-in settings).
  3. Privacy standards – introducing privacy certificates or seals.
  4. Accountability – establishing structure that clearly defines liability and audit mechanisms through analysis, procedure, codes of conduct, and contracts.
  5. RegTech solutions – development of technologies for auditing compliance.

Our founder Marija Bošković Batarelo wrote master’s thesis on this subject which you can download here.

The thesis recommends compliant model and steps to take in the project in order to mitigate or minimize risks and build trust with citizens.