While you take care of your business, we take care of your compliance.

Compliance doesn’t have to be complicated.

Compliance trainings can be tailored to you needs and risks.

Compliance trainings can be fun, practical, and interactive.

Rapid development of new technologies provides many challenges to the interpretation and implementation of legislation in the information society. The development and exponential growth of digital services have urged countries to amend existing and launch new regulation, making a dynamic environment for both businesses and the legal sector.

Being up to date with the recent international trends and developments, our work covers topics from cloud computing, e-commerce, Internet of Things, AI, blockchain to advising on innovations, licensing, e-commerce, data protection, and ICT contracts.

We believe that our clients need clear and concise advice in order to cope with legal challenges in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our team combines knowledge from a legal, tax, and compliance perspective and offers full  support in structuring compliant and efficient business practices.

We cooperate with recognised experts who have in-depth experience with various technologies.

  • EU General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR compliance

GAP analysis, awareness trainings, DPO services, terms and conditions, privacy policies, data retention policies, binding corporate rules, codes of conduct, consents, contracts, internal documents and analysis, legitimate interest analysis, data protection impact assessments.

  • Compliance programs

Setting up compliance program, training of employees, internal acts and audits, risk assessments, compliance of new technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things, Blockchain based technologies).

  • Information security

Technical and organisational measures, risk assessments, data breaches, ISO 27001 compliance, NIS Directive compliance.

  • Agreements

Fintech partnership agreements, licensing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, data processing agreements.

  • IP and trade secret protection and strategies

Internal acts, investigations, codes of conducts, agreements and licenses.

  • Codes of ethics and whistle-blowers schemes

Compliance policies and audits, whistleblowers portal, internal acts and audits, traning of employees, communication with regulatory authorities.

  • AML/KYC compliance

Risk assessment, KYC forms, due dilligence, internal acts and audits, training of employees.

Price: from 100.00 EUR + VAT per working hour

  • Data Protection Officer

Continuous external support from our data protection officers, who independently and professionally perform tasks in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR, including: training of employees, maintaining the records of processing activities, consulting on data protection impact assessments, assisting in data breaches, data subjects’ requests, compliance audits and reports.

  • Compliance Officer

Compliance expert who acts as an external support to the management board, legal or compliance department, and offers independent professional assistance in compliance matters, including: training of employees, advising on internal acts and procedures, compliance audits and reports.

Price: from 2,000 EUR + VAT monthly fee

  • Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR

GAP analysis, audit of data processors, internal documents, consents, legitimate interest analysis, legal compliance, policies, and information security standards.

  • Legal compliance

Production of operational compliance plan, auditing, assessment of operational and legal risk, compliance with codes of conduct and binding corporate rules, certification for data controllers and processors.

Price: from 100.00 EUR + VAT per working hour

Beginnings are not easy. Therefore, we offer to start-ups trainings and services of consulting regarding legal compliance of business activities.

After receiving a certain project description and specification, we evaluate business plan and social benefit of the new idea. Together with our partners, we offer multidisciplinary legal and IT support to entrepreneurs so that they could successfully deal with legal challenges, negotiate with investors, create tax and financial structure, and place themselves on the desired market.

New technologies create not only legal, but also ethical challenges. Many ICT solutions must consider human rights and basic freedoms, already in the design stage. If compliance is not accomplished in the code/design itself, the product will not be able to acquire necessary certificate and ensure users’ trust.

Contact us in case you want to submit your project to us.

Translations from all languages to all languages, with verification from the official court interpreter of expert legal texts (contracts, internal acts, reports, court register excerpts, warrants, apostilles, and texts for the protection of intellectual property before the relevant authorities)

Price: from 20.00 + VAT per card of text