Fake news – the EU approach

At the beginning of pandemic caused by Covid-19 it became crucial to recognise information based

Fake news – the EU approach2020-09-13T09:23:31+00:00

Regulating Algorithms

Evolution of Algorithms Technology advancement achieved velocity that is very difficult to keep up. New

Regulating Algorithms2020-09-13T09:34:37+00:00

F2I – Fintech & Insuretech

In November 2019, we participated at the conference F2I – FinTech InsureTech. This year the

F2I – Fintech & Insuretech2020-09-13T09:37:14+00:00

Smart Privacy in Smart Cities

During IoT Forum, held in October 2019, we discussed what should be considered as smart

Smart Privacy in Smart Cities2020-09-13T09:41:55+00:00
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